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British Car Keys

- by Pete Groh -

Do you need a spare key for your British Car? Worse, have you lost your key and do you prefer not to undergo the time, expense and headache of installing a new set of locks? I (Pete Groh) may be able to help you! Duplicate keys can be made for some British Cars using the original lock code numbers (assuming the lock is original). See below for a list of those key codes that can be made using this method.

Key Blanks Available:

Wilmot Breeden keys have letters and numbers on one side of key, and the word UNION on reverse. Have rubber headed WASO and British Leyland "L" swirl keys available. These keys were used on the following British Cars:

Lock Codes:

Lock/Key Codes and Where to Find Them

The numbers are shown on the face of the ignition switch on early cars. Example: FP 735. The numbers were also stamped on the glove box housing, and the trunk handle stem. On later cars, the original owners received a metal tag with the key number. The rubber and metal keys (Wilmot Breeden) also had a number stamped on the key. No number is stamped on the ignition switch housing to cut a spare by code. You can only obtain the key information from your build record. Build records for most British Cars are available from the or contact me at the address below. Thank you!

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